5 ways to make the most out of watermelon season

Ah, the humble watermelon. It gives us so much without asking for anything in return.

It cools us off in this heat, hydrates us, satisfies our sweet tooth without making us worry about calories. It’s not just a summer favourite, its a summer saviour. Heck, we bet the red in Superman’s cape is inspired by watermelon. Too much? Anyway.

But one thing we’ve noticed is that while watermelon is a popular fruit, it’s not a popular ingredient. One can imaging chopping up a watermelon and munching on it or juicing it, but that’s it. Considering how apples get crumbles and bananas get banoffe pie and even strawberries get chocolate, it seems unfair that one can’t think of watermelon in dishes.

So, we did some research and found some popular ways watermelon is incorporated with other ingredients. Turns out you can enjoy watermelon no matter what the meal is.

Appetizer: Garnished slices

Photo credits: Christopher Baker

Yes, for many of us, it feels odd to have watermelon in anything. We just want it the way it is! But come on, just because you want a slice of watermelon doesn’t mean you can’t have it in style. Watermelon is popularly paired with mint and lemon so how bout you make a nice little garnish and make the most out of your watermelon slice?

Salad: Watermelon with feta and greens

Chatterbox Cafe does great watermelon salads

Watermelon goes great with feta! Just add some olives and oranges or apples to counteract the sweet of the watermelon and you have a light yet satisfying salad.

Many restaurants have started serving salads with watermelon.

Drink: Watermelon juice

A number of cafes serve watermelon juice when it's in season

Watermelon juice is hydrating, refreshing and everything you need in this horrid heat. It can get time-consuming to remove the seeds but once that’s done, just throw it in a blender! Or you can get it from most of the cafes and juice bars around. You can add mint and/or lime to enhance the taste. Call it juice or smoothie or sherbet, and sip away.

Entree: Watermelon stir-fry

Photo credits: Jennifer Davick

Didn’t expect a dish with watermelon, did you? Well, you know how Asian cuisine plays on a balance of sweet and sour? Well, watermelon can be your sweet in a nice stir fry. You can slice it up like fries and add it to a nice and tangy stir-fry mix. Just make sure to add it much later or it will lose its unique crunch. No place serves an entree with watermelon here yet, but why don’t you give it a try?

Dessert: Watermelon sorbet

You can order some watermelon sorbet from Saydyz

The water content in watermelon makes it perfect to sorbet. Be it with lime or on its own, watermelon sorbet is light, naturally sweet and majorly guilt-free!

Courtesy by: https://images.dawn.com/

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