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Architecture is not simply about erecting buildings of brick and mortar. It is an expression of the people who live within the walls day in and day out. Thus, it must be an addition of beauty in our lives, wherein each space, its design and its components compliment each other to make a striking whole.

A.Jivanjee Design Ltd is a design firm which provides a complete design consultancy solution in perfect liaison with the needs and wishes of our respected clients. From USA to Yemen and Tanzania—A. Jivanjee Design Ltd has accomplished projects in assorted cultures and geographical boundaries whose designs are aesthetically magnificent outwardly and its interior is a unique, individualistic and functional manifestation of the client’s ideal space. This personal approach to the architectural design consultancyprocess has helped us satisfy our broad and diverse coterie of clients.

A.Jivanjee Design Ltd does not believe in high-handed approach; rather we respect our clients’ wishes and aim to provide detailed information regarding each design phase to help educate our stakeholders about the nuances of architectural design and building process. This compassionate and professional approach has helped A. Jivanjee Design Ltd win the respect of our clients as it has always benefited the overall project.

The 3D CAD software helps A. Jivanjee Design Ltd take our clients through a virtual tour of the designed structure providing them an in-depth feel of each space from every angle and view. The technical team, operating the same CAD software as the design team, makes it possible for the virtual tour to eventually manifest into an exact standing structural design.

It is also imperative that the building, design and its interior be in complete harmony with the customs and traditions of that particular region. A.Jivanjee Design Ltd, possessing a deep knowledge of the East and West, produces designs which always integrate with the site features reinforcing and complementing local character paying special emphasis to the design of the surrounding spaces and structures.

Always pleasing to the eye with distinct attention to detailing, A. Jivanjee Design Ltd commercial and residential projects in Tanzania, USA, UK, India, Pakistan and Malaysia are built from the most superior material and handled by the most experienced and skilled manpower. The result is always a structure which boasts of visual balance and order and immaculate detailing established on the foundation of the sustainable construction.

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