A perfect example of comprehensive security plan

History itself reminds us of importance of comprehensive security system needed in a buildings or any other residential or commercial place. The increase in the terrorist attacks has left behind number of causalities and deaths. Many businesses are getting threat calls and safety is one of the most important elements for any place.

Fakhri Trade Centre is situated in one of the commercial business location of Karachi in the surrounding areas of  M.A Jinnah road. It is surrounded with a huge crowd and is in one of the busiest places in Karachi. In order to increase its security system the building is well equipped with the most modern comprehensive security system which ensures the buildings safety.

An effective and reliable comprehensive security system should have 3 basic elements:

1) Mechanical element

Mechanical system is an electronic system which covers all floors and internal offices with electronic devices for security. All floors at FTC are enclosed with the security hardware devices including access control, CCTV, door lock, monitoring system and intrusion alarms. This makes the offices safe and creates a secure environment for the businesses to function.

2) Operational element

The operational system at FTC includes the security staff present at all times and the organizational security provided in the building. This would include the security program developed by management, security staff and employees. All work together to create a secured environment in the building.

3) Natural element

The natural design includes architectural design of FTC which covers all basic security philosophies including the natural surveillance and access controls.

Office spaces for rent in Karachi are available at FTC, being one of the most safest building with affective comprehensive security system the building is well equipped with many other facilities and prime features needed for a business to function effectively.

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