A Wonderful Coconut Oil Soap Recipe

Coconut oil is often the soap maker’s first choice oil as it creates a lovely hard white soap. I love the smell of coconut, I use it often and I have a great coconut oil soap recipe to share with you using the cold process method.

First I want to say that although many soap makers are happy to make a batch of homemade soap using only coconut oil I sometimes I find it a little drying, so this time I’ve mixed it with shortening/vegetable oil to balance this out.

The result is a very nice hard soap with large bubbles which is particularly beneficial for any one with oily skin.

This is a 2 layer coconut oil soap recipe that takes a little more effort than some of my other homemade soaps but it smells and looks divine so I think it is worth it 😉

I’ve chosen to make this batch in a silicon loaf mold, but it also looks incredibly good in a square shallow mold. Having said that it makes it look a little like candy so you may want to keep it out of reach of children!

  • 330g (10 ½ oz) Coconut oil
  • 170g (5 ½oz) Shortening/vegetable fat
  • 150g (5oz) Distilled or mineral water
  • 82g (5oz) Caustic soda/Lye
  • 1 tsp Geranium essential oil
  • 1 tsp Rose fragrance oil

Ingredients For The Pink layer:

This will be the same as the white layer but with the addition of a colorant.
2 tsp bright pink mica + 1 tbsp oil for blending it with. Any liquid carrier oil will do (olive, vegetable or sunflower, almond ect….)

Note: When purchasing fragrances and mica colorants always check that they are suitable for using in cold process soap recipes.

ingredients for coconut oil soap recipe
Ingredients for coconut oil soap recipe

Making Your Coconut Oil Soap

The White layer:

Important: Follow the Cold process soap method plus the following recipe specific steps:


In Cold Process Step 4 – Combining oils and lye when they reach an equal temperature of between 140F (60C) TO 120F (49C).

checking temp coconut oil soap
Checking the oil temperature before combining with lye
Combining oils and lye
Combining the oils and lye

In Cold Process Step 5 – Add the essential and fragrance oil at very light trace, then quickly transfer to a mold.

Add the essential and fragrance oil at very light trace
Adding your essential and fragrance oil at very light trace
transfer to a mold
Transferred to the mold

Cover with towels and leave to stand for two weeks before starting your pink layer.

The Pink layer:

Important: Leave your white layer for two weeks then start the pink layer.

Blend the tablespoon of carrier oil with the pink mica and set aside.

Blend the tablespoon of oil with the pink mica
Blend the tablespoon of oil with the pink mica

Important: Follow the same process as above in the white layer (using the same ingredients), until you reach a light trace.

In Cold Process Step 5 – Stirring with a hand whisk or wooden spoon and working quickly add and blend the mica/oil mix at light trace.

quickly add and blend the mica/oil mix
Quickly adding and blending the mica/oil mix

Now add the essential and fragrance oil. You will notice both the mica and the fragrance oil will accelerate trace, so again you need to work quickly.

Pour over the first, set layer (the white layer). Don’t panic if your soap begins to harden too quickly (like mine did whilst messing around with the camera!) just push/force it into the mold and smooth it off and it should be fine. And don’t worry if the pink layer runs down the edges of the white layer, this can be trimmed later.

Pour over the first, set layer
Pouring the mix on top of the first set soap layer
Coconut oil soap in mold
My coconut oil soap in the mold

Cover with towels and leave for 24 hours before removing and slicing, try not to slice too thinly, they need to be chunky.

Slicing coconut oil soap
Sliced chunky coconut oil soap bars

coconut oil soap

This is a lovely coconut oil soap recipe that makes a fantastic homemade gift, have a go and let me know how you get on using the comments below… And please feel free to ask questions.

COURTESY BY: https://www.savvyhomemade.com/

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