Adzuki Beans on Banana Rice is a simple breakfast with a fusion of flavors. Bananas and pecans are mixed into the rice, and each bowl is then topped with asian inspired flavors – Adzuki beans, matcha green tea and black sesame.

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National Rice Week is in full swing, so here’s one more rice recipe for you to try!
Banana and rice has become a staple in this household since it’s one of the easiest breakfast combinations to make for Milo. Every baby cookbook recommends banana and rice as one of the first foods, and I never knew how tasty it was until I gave it to Milo and he just gobbled it down! So I decided to give it a try, and he was definitely on to something.
It inspired me to use Banana Rice as a base of a recipe, and all I needed to do was find some “adult” ingredients to add to it.
The lucky ingredient is adzuki beans (also known as azuki beans) because it is one of those ingredients that always jump out on me when I see it on a menu. It’s commonly used in Asian desserts, and it’s just simply labeled as “red bean” on most menus. Adzuki beans are a small red bean, sweet and nutty in flavor, but they are different from red kidney beans or any other red beans used in western style cooking.
Since I decided to use adzuki beans, I carried on with some other subtle Asian flavorings including a sprinkle of black sesame and a pinch of matcha. I also couldn’t resist a flair of Western-flavor fusion by adding crushed pecans to the recipe because pecans or walnuts always go well together with banana in any banana bread recipe.
I used Veetee Thai Jasmine Rice in this recipe. It takes 2 minutes make in the microwave, so this recipe took me under 5 minutes to prepare! If you don’t have Veetee Thai Jasmine Rice available, you can always cook the rice the night before to save on time in the morning.

It is indeed a simple recipe, and hopefully a morning reminder not to forget the simple pleasures!

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