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Markets are flooded with lots of cosmetic products, miracle oils, creams and other options for healthy skin, shiny hairs, manicure and pedicure and plenty of other beauty stuff. But the most beneficial options for all this could be the use of herbal or the Unani system of Medicine.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has a natural cure for dry skin, dry scalp and constipation. Creams, moisturizers and other beauty cream products have been prepared today and many have often reacted adversely but herbal formulas have been successful since decades. Egyptians and Roman are known for their beauty and silky hairs, the chief ingredient in their beauty formulas was almond oil.

Cleopatra, the famous and most beautiful Egyptian Queen used Almond Oil for Skin and for hairs. Obviously at that time hair straightening and expensive skin facials were not available. Her beauty secrets consisted of natural products including almonds, honey, milk, henna and red ochre, etc.

Sweet Almond Oil has been used since many years. Although many of us are still not aware of the benefits it can provide. The oil is rich in all essential vitamins including A, E and D necessary for skin, hair and overall health. It also contains fatty acids, proteins and a number of minerals. Few noteworthy uses of Sweet Almond Oil include;

  • Say no to dry skin. Antioxidants like vitamin A and E provide nutrients and nourish the skin making it soft and smooth
  • The oil keeps the skin young by removing wrinkles and maintaining a fair complexion. Ladies can note this; sweet almond oil can act as an effective anti aging cream which is safe and effective.
  • It prevents dehydration by sealing the moisture inside
  • Sweet Almond Oil can be mixed with many other natural products to prepare homemade cleansers, creams, scrubs and much other stuff. The almond can also be grinded and mixed in oil and applied to exfoliate the skin.

Get your sweet almond oil from Tayyebi herbal healthcare; it is an herbal product which has preserved all the natural goodness of almond in one bottle.

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