Dollar remains flat in value versus rupee

KARACHI: The greenback closed even against domestic unit in the interbank and got strength in open market on demand by importers and corporate sector. The greenback closed unchanged at Rs 110.20 for buying and Rs 110.40 for selling in interbank transaction. The stability measures by commercial banks kept rupee of any fall in value but domestic unit may come under some pressure in coming days on rising demand by the corporate and import sector for its payments. Banks are trying to meet their demand, which helps rupee from bigger fall in value. The euro closed at Rs 133 for buying and Rs 133.20 for selling, gaining 57 paisas. The pound sterling closed at Rs 149.48 for buying and Rs 149.68 for selling. It closed up by 47 paisas.

Kerb market: The dollar ended firm in the open currency market. The US dollar closed at Rs 111.43 for buying and Rs 111.63 for selling, rising by 05 paisas from previous session’s level. Earlier in the day it was trading at Rs 111.41 for buying and Rs 111.61 for selling. The pound sterling closed at Rs 149 for buying and Rs 149.20 for selling, with 50 paisas increase from previous session’s level. The euro closed at Rs 132.50 for buying and Rs 132.70 for selling. It remained up by 50 paisas.


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