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By Omair Alavi

He is neither the Secret Superstar in the film nor the protagonist; in fact, Aamir Khan plays a secondary character for the first time since Taare Zameen Par and doesn’t disappoint. The film revolves Zaira Wasim who plays a budding singer who isn’t allowed any freedom by his father; who has a mother who wants her to achieve her dreams and who has a talent that makes her stand out from the rest of the world. Aamir Khan enters the story as a music director no one loves but ends up changing the life of his protégé.


The Plot

Insia (Zaira Wasim) is a terrific singer yet due to her old-school dad, she isn’t able to pursue her dreams. After getting a laptop, she makes a couple of music videos featuring herself in a burqa which achieves huge fan following thanks to the Internet. She gets noticed by Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan) but before she can pursue her dreams, her dad breaks her laptop, renders her guitar unplayable and also beats his wife (Meher Vij) for giving Insia freedom to do everything. Does Insia manage to break free from her father’s hold? Does Shakti Kumar finally find the voice he has been searching for? Watch the film for the answers that will blow your mind surely.


The Good

The star performer of the film is Zaira Wasim, who carries the shoulder of the entire film on her shoulders. She doesn’t let the audience for once feel that she is doing just her second film (after Dangal) and the way she adapts to Meghna Mishra’s voice is as commendable as Aamir Khan doing the same for Udit Narayan’s voice 30 years back. Meher Vij as her mother not just looks the part but also excels in it as the mother we all want; her character may not be literate enough but she knows how to keep her kids happy. And then there is Aamir Khan who looks like a mixture of Anu Malik and Nadeem (of Nadeem – Shravan duo) with a name that resembles the biggest villain of the 90s. He transforms himself into a character that everyone hates but in reality, he isn’t that bad from the inside. His expressions on Insia’s first recording can be labeled as priceless since there is a story behind the song, which like the entire soundtrack lifts your spirits and grows on you.


The Bad

The film is a little predictable and that’s the only flaw in it; the 150-minute run doesn’t bother you especially since the film doesn’t lose its pace even once. Yes, the kid in Insia’s class Chintan looks a little creepy but that’s how kids are when they are in school. Raj Arjun who plays Insia’s father makes you hate him and that’s the beauty of his acting. Like most of Aamir Khan’s films, the cast doesn’t have many characters because the lesser the characters, the better the story. It is a film for those who believe in the supremacy of content, and that’s why it might not appeal to the Golmaalpublic.


Verdict – 4.5/5

Secret Superstar is not just a film; it’s a tribute to all those Super Stars who have followed their passion and came out as winners. It’s a film for those who have defied odds to pursue their love and it takes them through that journey with a character that is like them. Like Taare Zameen Par, it advises parents to broaden their minds; like 3 Idiots it teaches the importance of hard work and like Dangal, it tells you that no matter how difficult the odds may be at first, nothing is impossible. Otherwise, go for Golmaal Again that is ‘nonsense comedy’ where logic takes the backseat and magic, the front.

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