Google Play Store to support Family Library of content from 2 July

The documentation for Android developers just got updated with information about a Family Library feature. This feature allows purchases made on the Play Store to be sharable among six other family members.

Apple has a Family Sharing feature that requires one adult in the family to pay for content purchased by up to six other family members. All the purchases, and even some cloud documents are synced across devices in the group. Members of the same family need not pay for the same application twice. Amazon too has a Family Library feature that allows two adult accounts to share purchases. Up to four children’s accounts can be associated with the Family Library on Amazon.

The Family Library feature must be opted in by the Developer. Developers have to use the Android Developer Console to select an app and put a tick mark in the Family Library checkbox, available in the pricing and distribution options. Developers can choose whether or not they want purchases made in the past to be applicable in the Family Library. When the Family Library goes live, users can choose to share purchased apps with themselves on another account.

Google is set to launch the feature on July 2, the same time the new developer agreement goes live. Thanks to Android Police for spotting the update in the developer documentation.

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