Home Remedies for Blackheads

Remedy – 1: (Baking Soda)

Baking soda exfoliates the skin to clear excess oil, dead cells and impurities to unclog the skin pores. It fights against the microbes causing blackheads and neutralizes the pH of your skin to produce less oil and thereby clear blackheads. Regular usage of baking soda will leave your skin soft, smooth and blackheads free.

Remedy – 2: (Lemon Juice)

Lemon juice has alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), a form of citric acid that removes dead skin cells and other impurities on the skin’s surface. It has a natural astringent property that closes the open skin pores and prevents the formation of blackheads.

Remedy – 3: (Honey)

Honey is sticky in nature that helps a lot in pulling out the dirt, dead cells and excess sebum along with blackheads from the skin’s surface. It has natural antibacterial, antioxidant and skin soothing properties that destroy the germs clogging skin pores.

It tightens the skin and hydrates the skin pores to make your skin free from blackheads. Make sure to know whether you’re allergic or sensitivity to honey before using it.

Remedy – 4: (Egg White)

Egg white has the ability to minimize the skin pores and tighten the skin. It also absorbs excess oil and thereby prevents the recurrence of blackheads. It is enriched with proteins and nutrients that offer skin toning properties that draw out the gunk stuck deep within the pores.

Remedy – 5: (Epsom Salt)

Epsom salt acts as a natural exfoliating agent that removes dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities which clog skin pores and causes blackheads. Magnesium sulfate prevents the formation of these bumps and makes the skin free from infections.

Remedy – 6: (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has acetic and malic acid that break down the buildup on your skin. It exhibits antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent microbes, soothes and cleanse the skin.

It also balances the pH levels of the skin to reduce the production of excess oil and also acts as a perfect toner to get relief from blackheads.

Remedy – 7: (Face Masks)

Face mask helps to rejuvenate and balance the pH of the skin which in turn helps to prevent blackheads. For best results always steam your face for few minutes before applying the face mask, as it opens the clogged skin pores.

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