I think actors like us don’t take up relevant subjects: Kareena Kapoor on Udta Punjab

Kareena Kapoor says its a rarity for actors of mainstream cinema to take up subjects that are of relevance to subjects such as those concerning Udta Punjab.

According to Indian Express, “It was the subject; Even though it’s a small role in the film. I think actors like us don’t take up relevant subjects like this,” shares Kareena.

“Mainstream actors constantly look for roles that are a part of commercial films. I have done a lot of that.”

While Kareena confesses to being the type of actor she is calling out, she also admits that the message in Udta Punjab was enough to have her interested to have even a small role in it.

The Jab We Met leading lady reveals, “It has a strong message and it’s a small special role. I thought it has a great message and (because I wanted) to be part of something good out there for my fans,”

“The director was very well-prepared. He came very well-prepared on the set. Abhishek was clear on the subject. He was very clear on the kind of film he wanted to make and his characters. It was interesting and I am happy that I am playing a small part in this film,” she adds.

Now that the Udta Punjab crisis has been averted, with only one cut and three disclaimers to happen instead of the initially suggested 89 cuts, Kareena feels it is a victory.

“It’s one of the greatest triumphs to have happened in recent times. It’s just so wonderful for the people (who) have put in the hard work. Abhishek Chaubey had believed in the brave film he wants to make. So, I think it’s really his moment of triumph that finally his baby is actually coming out on the big screen,” states the 35-year-old actress.

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