Mentors Linguist: Learn Arabic through Skype

Gone are the days when a person needed to travel thousands of miles to acquire the very best in education. Technology has revolutionised methods of teaching, training, business and communication in all realms of life. Today everything is accessible within your living room-at your finger tips literally! You can acquire the most sought after education and skills using the internet.

Skype is one of the most popular and reliable mediums for communication worldwide today and is avidly used by both teachers and students alike.

Mentors Linguist is a teaching platform that offers you Arabic courses, interpreters and translators along with online 1 on 1 courses.

We understand that your professional workspace and timings make it a challenge for you to travel through chaotic traffic but no need to worry – we make it possible for you to acquire knowledge from the very confines of your home by using Skype.

Mentors Linguist is renowned to make use of the Immersion Method that promises reinforcement and hands on learning that not only enriches the entire knowledge seeking experience but also accelerates the pace of learning manifold.

1 on 1 interaction is something a student always craves for as it offers personalized mentoring. Mentors Linguist through their online programme offers 1 on 1 interactive sessions promising learning that transcends geographic boundaries and distances.

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