No, I don’t belong in the kitchen: Saheefa Jabbar Khattak


Known for paving paths and breaking norms, Pakistani model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak previously made headlines after she chose to revamp her style and go for a pixie-cut.

Pakistani model Saheefa Khattak bashed for her new hairstyle

However, some Pakistanis didn’t agree with this ‘style’ and went on to bash the model for her choice.


Although it may seem like Saheefa has left all that behind and is moving forward with her life, she has had to clarify her choices once again.

Guys with ‘man buns’ are oh-so-hot, but Saheefa Jabbar Khattak gets a pixie cut and she loses her appeal and rights as a woman?

Over the weekend, the 25-year-old got married and she seems happier than ever. When asked how she met her husband Khawaja Khizer Hussain, Saheefa told The Express Tribune, “He was my senior in Beaconhouse National University so we have known each other for almost 5-6 years.”


She continued, “He works for Islamabad United – manages their merchandise and operations.”

While many people had countless questions for the bride, the most popular of them was, “Will you continue to model after marriage?” and “Did your husband give you his permission to work?”


She made it very clear that she will most definitely continue to work. However, she didn’t stop there. “We are getting married because we accept each other in every way, be it personal or professional,” she expressed. “Why do you assume that woman on this planet belong only in the kitchen?”


“Why can’t a woman be empowered alone? Why do you think a woman needs a protector who has to be a MAN?” she went on to ask.


She shared a series of blank posts on her Instagram handle with captions that boast #GIRLBOSS!

“Yes he is a Shia, I’m a Sunni! Our kids would only know humanity,” read one of the three captions.


Clad in an elegant pink lengha choli designed by Fahad Hussayn, the model made an unconventional bride as she rocked her short, natural hair with very minimal makeup and jewellery – not looking over the top.

Style anatomy: Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

Her husband also wore a contemporary piece – a pink and grey checked Republic by Omer Farooq suit.


Saheefa opted for a white and gold theme for her reception, which saw many famous faces including Sadaf Kanwal, Rubab Ali, Eman Suleman, Rehmat Ajmal, Anam Malik, Guddu and Shani, Hannan, Shoaib, Fatima Nasir and Zonia Anwaar amongst many others.

“I never wanted this wedding to go big , I wanted a simple nikkah and rukhsati in white kurta shalwaar and meri maa ka dupata. But family and friends’ pressure took us down.  From 70 close friends and family, the guest list went up to 400,” she said.


When asked how she feels about making an impact, she stated, “There are masses who are looking at me right now. Mostly those in their early 20s and I don’t want to set the wrong example.”

She went on to speak about the cost of the ‘big fat wedding’. “We didn’t take money from our families for this wedding by the way. This wedding took mine and Khizer’s future savings but we both know how much we tried to prevent this. I feel very guilty for going this big, words can’t explain that. ”

The model added, “I really want to auction off my wedding outfit and donate every penny earned from it!”


It’s more than obvious that Saheefa isn’t your basic girl who follows the society’s ‘norms’. She has her own voice and views, and she most certainly isn’t afraid to make good use of them. She’s out to break all stereotypes and empower Pakistan’s women.


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