Orange peel,not a waste thing

Oranges are not only good for health, but also orange peels are excellent for the skin. Most of the people waste orange peels because lack of knowledge about benefits of peels. On the other hand many cosmetic companies using orange peel extract in their products. It contains variety of nutrients as well as phytonutrients that are extremely powerful in healing several skin problems.

How to make Orange peel powder?

Making orange peels powder is not difficult. Wash and peel off skin of oranges.

Cut the peels into thin slices.

Spread peels slices in a tray and keep it under the sun to dry for 3-4 days or until skin dries completely and gets hard.

Now grind into fine powder.

Peel powder is ready, shift in a bottle and use when you need.

Benefits of Orange peel powder:

Mix orange peels powder in yogurt and apply on face and gently scrub. Wash face after 15 minutes. It helps to reduce oil from skin and fair the color of skin.

If you have black spots or blemishes on your face, use the above paste on face to clear your skin. Orange peels skin has naturally bleach properties.

If you have oily skin with open pores and facing acne and spots problem then tackle all these issues with orange peels powder. Mix powder in egg white along a few drops of lemon juice then apply on face for 15 minutes and rinse off with normal water. Apply once a week. After regular use you will observe a change on your skin issues.

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