Prerogative to serve

Altamash Dental Clinic is renowned nationally in the field of dentistry, its best practices, quality services, expert personnel and its zeal for continuous improvement and research and development. Such an attitude definitely has brought a lot of success to them considering the cut throat competition that already exists in the field.

From research and development to adopting the best practices in the field of dentistry, Altamash Dental Clinic knows no bounds in the realms of continuous improvement and dedication. Having state of the art technology, Altamash Dental Clinic ensures that our patients are exposed to the best standards of medicines and treatment.

From orthodontic treatment to normal cases dealing with fillings and monthly checkups, our patients definitely rely on us. A simple procedure of bi annual check up is scheduled and maintained by us. It is this vigilance to customer care that we remain the favourite in the field of dentistry.

From extraction and root canal treatment to aesthetics, Altamash Dental Clinic knows how to deliver the best with the best people on board. Our expert team delivers expert skills, identify the crux of the problem and offer the most relevant, pertinent and focused solution.

At Altamash Dental Clinic we believe in the empowerment of our customers, hence our diagnosis and treatment required is first fully communicated to the patients for complete awareness of the problem such that there remains no ambiguity in the patient’s mind.

Hence after our suggested treatment, patients only decide the convenient time and treatment. Patients’ comfort and satisfaction is the number one prerogative at Altamash Dental Clinic. It is the number of happy patients that we promise which determine our success and determination to improve and deliver.

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