Security is our priority

One very evident lapse in the operating system of the country is the taken for granted security system. This results in many loop holes in the functional environment which at times, in fact many times lead to disastrous results. Today it is imperative for all business organizations and other set ups even domestic ones to ensure security and safety.

FTC, Karachi one of the most posh set up in the business centre of Karachi plays an evident role in building a business scenario of international standards. The I.I Chundrigar Rd. and M.A. Jinnah Rd. are supposedly and rightly called the Wall Street of the country. Having a nonstop business activity and limitless operating businesses in the arena, the FTC Karachi not only promises quality environment but also offers a tight and inflexible security system. There is absolutely zero compromise on our security nets and are stringent about the rules of security in the building.

Honeywell manages the entire systems of the building. Renowned for its top quality internationally, Honeywell flawlessly provides state of the art services in terms of security, power generation, heating, cooling systems, generators, fire alarms and various other building needs.

FTC Karachi has never compromised on the safety net it provides to its people inside and outside the organization. Be it employees, guests or visitors we ensure that you are 100% secured once you enter our premises. For that matter you may need to go through some procedures. But they are intended for your own benefit and safety.

Not many organizations and business setups offer such high regards to security but the current times demand such measures and those who are offering this facility are appreciated enough. The reason is the deteriorating law and order situation and the fact that sometimes things do get out of control. A fine balanced security system eradicates the possibility of any extreme event.

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