Shaan-e-Pakistan 2016 to be held in Lahore

The second edition of Shaan-e- Pakistan, a three-day fashion and cultural fiesta, will be held in the historic city of Lahore this year with the organisers planning to invite veteran actor Anupam Kher.

With the theme ‘Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore’, the event, whose first edition took place in the National Capital last year, aims to bring people of the two nations together through fashion, food and music.”The rejection of Anupam Kher’s visa is not going to represent the hospitality of the Pakistanis towards the Indians. Veteran actors like him are celebrated in Pakistan and so is any Indian who is willing to visit our country.

“We are working closely with the relevant authorities to have everything running in a smooth process. Since Mr Kher did not get an opportunity to visit this time, we would love to invite him to our show in March in Lahore,” Huma Nassr, organiser of the event, told PTI in an email interview.The event, scheduled to run from March 20 to 22, will see performances by musicians from India and Pakistan in a gathering called ‘Ek Shaam’.It will also bring together the food and flavours of India and Pakistan where celebrated chefs will take guests’ palate through a sub-continental cultural journey.

Famous Indian and Pakistani fashion designers are likely to participate in the event.

The second day of the event will consist dedicated stalls for participants from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to showcase their work featuring around 60 craftsmen and couturiers.

“The exhibition itself is set to enhance brands’ accessibility through B2B interaction as well as connect audience members with brands directly,” said Nassr, who is the owner of ‘Braahti’ with shops both in Delhi and Karachi.

The festival would celebrate the craft and cultural unity across borders.

“Day 3 of Shaan-e-Pakistan would witness 16 selected designers hitting the ramp showcasing 12 outfits each- ranging from bridal to pret, luxe-pret to high-street and lawn.

Nassr said that ‘Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore’ means that though all of us are different, we hold similar values and this event is to celebrate that commonality.”The commonality between the cultures of India and Pakistan creates a huge market in each country for the other’s talent. However, there’s an inability to penetrate due to many issues. Hence, I have decided to look beyond those issues and find a way to bring both the talents on one platform for the world to celebrate the two cultures that are different yet so similar,” Nassr said.

The organisers aim for better ties between the countries through culture, cuisine, fashion and music.Nassr admits that it was challenging for her to break the stereotypical image of Pakistan to the Indian participants while inviting them to the event.

“It was definitely challenging to break the dark stereotypical image created of Pakistan and to show what really lies beneath is a beautiful cultural state that believe in celebrating art just as much as India does,” Nassr said.

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