Stylish and Beautiful Dresses for Girls in Pakistan

Patiala Salwar:

Like it or not, it is back with a bang. Even if you are not a big fan of Patiala salwar but still your wardrobe should have at least 2 or 3 pieces ready in bring colors. The good thing with latest trends in that you can play around with colors. You can go for contrasts instead of looking for color combinations while making a pair with Patiala salwar.

Cigarette pants:

Everyone is wearing them, right? The reason is that they are comfy and look good, any time anywhere! If you don’t want to buy a whole lot, then you should own the basic colors of skin, white and black, because these cigarette pants can go with literally anything.

Long frocks:

You think the trend was in about 2 years ago? True! But still, if you see someone in a long frock with ample fall, you can’t resist giving her a good start. The reason is that high heels and long frocks look adorable. Long shirts may have left the scene for a time being, but long frocks with voluminous border fall will always remain a heart favorite.


Winter is just a matter of 1 more month and then summer will be our guest for good 8 months; in this scorching heat, palazzos will be your best friend. Regardless of the length and style of the shirt, all dresses for girls look good with a palazzo.

Gown style:

Ever since long shirts have made their way home, gowns have made a comeback. Simple or fancy, colorful or uni-colored, buttoned or laced, long or short, embroidered or glittery, gowns look stylish and beautiful on everyone. Based on your body structure, you can opt for a variety of gowns and get them stitched according to your liking.

Double shirt:

Double shirts are great because they are equally good for wearing as a regular dress at home and going somewhere out. Double shirt gives you a lot of volumes


In the first decade of 2000, we used to think that Angrakhas are so 90s and who is going to wear them ever again? But today, Angrakha style frocks and shirts are so in that no one remembers frowning at them anymore. Among all dresses for girls, this is yet another style that looks good in all forms and styles.

Embroidered kurta:

Summers and kurtas are inseparable; no matter the trend calls for long shirts or short, you can always carry a kurta gracefully and no one will object. Embroidered kurta is a trendy dress for a casual visit to market or a get together with old friends.

Chorri Pajama

A wardrobe is not complete without a chorri pajama suit. You can pair it up with a frock or a long length shirt for exceptional results. The ones that have elastic fitted inside give a good spectacle and are hassle free to carry around without the need to adjust it again.

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