Twitter boss admits diversity tool ‘blind spot’

A senior Twitter executive has replied to criticism from a former employee about the firm’s approach to diversity.

Engineering manager Leslie Miley wrote that he was asked to build a tool that would classify recruitment candidates’ ethnicity by analysing their last name.

The idea was intended to improve diversity among staff.

Alex Roetter, Senior Vice President of Engineering, said that the “engineering-driven, quantitative solution” was a “blind spot”.

“As an engineer, I understand this suggestion and why it may seem logical,” wrote ex-employee Mr MilMedium ey on blog-publishing platform in which he also claimed to have been the only African-American member of Twitter’s engineering leadership team.

 “However, classifying ethnicities by name is problematic as evidenced by my name.

“What I also found disconcerting is this otherwise highly sophisticated thinker could posit that an issue this complex could be addressed by name analysis.”

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