More than150 Pakistani traders stranded at Moscow airport

MOSCOW: More than one hundred and fifty traders from Karachi are stranded at the Moscow airport since several hours, media reported.

According to details, the businessmen had travelled from Karachi to Russia on a business trip when they were stopped at the Moscow airport. More than 150 traders were stopped at the airport which caused them hardship.

One of the stranded strangers Abdul Wahid spoke to media and said that they had not been informed as to why these traders had been stopped at the airport. He also complained that the Pakistani embassy in Russia or any concerned department had not established contact with the traders.

These traders were taken on a business trip to Russia by a foreign company. Sources reveal that most of the traders are mobile phone dealers. Among them, eighty traders belong to Karachi, thirty-five belong to Lahore while the others belong to Islamabad.

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