Creating a productive and inviting office space

The environment of the office directly relates to the work force mood. An active bright light with a cool surrounding and a nice layout would encourage the employees to work enthusiastically increasing their productivity at work. But today in the current economic state to find such an office on rent in Karachi with high quality services is too difficult.

Fakhri Trade Centre situated in the commercial business location of the city is one such ideal work place. The offices are designed creatively with all the modern facilities. From office layout to the office furniture everything is well planned, extra attention has been given to minor details.

Looking at the present weather conditions in Karachi, it is too difficult to work without an air conditioner. Temperature plays a pivotal role in employees dissatisfaction at work, FTC is a centrally air-Conditionedbuilding with a constant electric supply. The generators self generate the power to the building and there is no power breakdown.

A cool environment is necessary for the employees to work with their full potentials. Commercial Office Space for rent at FTC has many other benefits. The building is situated on M.A Jinnah Road and has 4 Exclusive Floors for 400 + parking therefore there would be no parking issue for the work force.

Offices For Rent in Shara-e-Liaqat Karachi at FTC also have the added features of what business needs today, the building is well equipped with conference rooms having latest technological access for video calls, video conferences etc. The rooms are equipped with computers, telephone lines, audio and video conferencing facilities, exceptional lightning’s for huge business meetings and much more.

FTC has a comprehensive security system which safeguards the building from intruders and provides a safe and healthy environment. The building management system (B.M.S) by Honeywell controls many functions in the building including HVAC, Public Address Chillers, Fire Fighting, Lighting, Fire Alarm etc. BMS integrates many systems at FTC improving their functioning and making them more reliable at the time of need.

Looking for an ideal office space in Karachi at an ideal business location visitFakhri Trade Centre.

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