–half moon pendant
–metal piercing tool
–needle nose pliers
-4 colors of embroidery thread
–jump rings
–ball stud earring posts
-small piece of cardboard
-fabric scissors
First you’ll take your half moon pieces and use your metal piercing tool to add two more holes down the long side of your half moon piece so you have four holes instead of two. I like to mark the spots with a marker first so I can see where the holes should be placed.Next you’ll cut a 1 1/2″ strip of cardboard to make your tassels around. Starting at the bottom edge of the cardboard, wrap your embroidery thread around the cardboard 15 times and cut your thread a little longer than the cardboard at the bottom edge side. Cut a 4″ long piece of thread and slip it between the cardboard and your thread layers so you can knot it at the top to keep your strands together and give you something to attach your jump ring too later.Fold down the long ends of the 4″ piece you used to tie the top so they join the other strands, and carefully slip your tassel off the cardboard strip. Cut another 4″ long strand and tie that about 1/3 of the way down from the top of your tassel. Fold those long ends down to join the other strands. Use your fabric scissors to cut the loops on the bottom of your tassel and trim the bottom edge straight. Repeat process with all your other colors until you have two of each color.Use your pliers to open the loop on your earring post and attach the loop to the top of your half moon shape. Use the pliers to close the loop again. Use a jump ring to attach the tassel tie at the top of the tassel to a hole at the bottom of the half moon shape. Repeat process with each tassel until your earrings are complete! How fun!! These would be perfect vacation earrings or so cute with a summer sundress too. You can customize the tassels to be whatever colors work best with your wardrobe and make your cardboard strip taller if you want longer tassels for your pair. Either way, it’s hard not to feel the good vibes in these earrings.

Courtesy by: http://abeautifulmess.com/

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