Hilarious: Sunny Leone reacts to snake prank

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s bold actress Sunny Leone was enjoying the good weather reading her script on set of her upcoming film, when she burst into frenetic screams.

She lost senses after she spotted a snake that came from nowhere right in front of her eyes.

But, it was just a prank played by a couple of crew members.

However, the abrupt and frightful reaction followed a hilarious vengeance by the ‘Jism 2’ star.

Watch here Sunny Leone’s reaction:

“My revenge!!! Hahahahahaha @yofrankay this is what you get when you mess with me!!,” she wrote on Twitter while sharing the video.

The bold actress is actively working days in and days out for her upcoming flick ‘Tera Intezaar’, alongside Arbaaz Khan.

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