How much does it cost to get ready for fashion week? We find out

Award and fashion week season is now in full swing which means out favourite celebrities and Instagram stars will be swooshing down red carpets in some of the most glamourous looks.

But all that jazz comes at a cost. While it’s true that many items are loaned out to the rich and famous, we try to find out the price tag and figure out how much it would cost the average person to get red carpet ready.

Here’s how the numbers break down:

Umair Mirza of Umairica

What he wore to fashion week last year: The blogger/Instagram influencer looked dapper in an embroidered Arsalan Iqbal jacket and shoes paired with plain black pants and styled by N-Gents.

Price tag: Almost Rs38,000. He admits he’s not sure, meaning it was probably a loaned item but for the jacket, he shares “it’s easily over Rs20,000.”

Haiya Bokhari

What she wore last year: The celebrity stylist revealed that her top was from Ali Xeeshan, shalwar was Generation and the clutch was Nina Nehri. Her khussas were from Liberty and the jewellery she had collected over the years from different places, including earrings from Sapphire.

Price tag: Nearly Rs30,000, give or take a few. The top alone was a whopping Rs14,000!

Anusheh Shahid of Style Haven

What she wore last year: The fashionista wore a hot off the runway HSY ensemble from his Onyx Collection that showed on the first day of FPW16. “It’s a quilted jacket that I belted and wore off shoulder with a necklace from the same collection.” She paired it with her own black Zara heels.

Price tag: Over Rs116,000! Heck, that jacket alone is Rs95,000!

Hair and Makeup

Don’t think that if you’ve gotten your outfit ready you’re good to go! even after accessorizing you need to get your hair and makeup done!

Getting your hair and makeup done from Nabila’s (Because of course, you need Nabila’s) for an event like FPW will cost you Rs12,000. Like the outfits that are usually loaned to the celebs, salons also offer discounts to such attendees.

Maira Pagganwala

Maira keeps it casual with her Zara jeans and American Apparel tee but let’s a jacket from Victor & Rolf be all the statement she needs, while backing it up with Gucci sneakers and bag.

Price tag: Maira’s look goes way over Rs186,000! What do you expect after accessorising with Gucci!

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