A simple smile can bring happiness and joy. Therefore, it is not surprising that millions of people around the world are ready to invest in a beautiful everlasting smile.

At Altamash Dental Clinic our aim is to maintain and enhance your smile. Dr. Altamash along with his experienced team of Dentists and Orthodontists cater to your problem of malaligned teeth. Be it the recent Invisalign technology, the lingual, metal or ceramic braces; Altamash Dental Clinic offers you a customized solution to all your requirements.

Gone are the days when braces were a painful, unattractive journey to attain the perfect smile. Today the braces have flexed themselves to suit you. From children to adults, Altamash Dental Clinic has a solution for all.

The metallic braces today have improved and no longer are they painfully big and unattractive. However, the ceramic braces would provide you with the invisible touch. Likewise the lingual ones offer the option of having the braces on inside of your teeth which prevents attracting unwanted attention to your teeth!

Invisalign however is the most recent solution. The clear aligners are replaced every two to three weeks and could be removed easily while eating etc…

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