Tranquilize your feet by trying out this home remedy

Feet are the important part of our body and they bare the mass of our entire body all day. It is important to take care of our feet and massage them regularly. Here are some easy ways for relaxing your feet by the products which are available in our homes.


Salt is good for our skin. The salt foot bath is a quick way to relax and invigorate your feet. Salt is a compound which is helpful for your swollen or tired feet. It is very easy to prepare the solution. You just need ½ cup of sea salt or Epsom salt and water.

To prepare the solution take a pan and boil the water till the temperature you feel you are comfortable with. Add salt in it and let it dissolve completely in the water. When you feel the salt is dissolved and water is suitable for your feet to place your feet in the tub then relax for a couple of minutes and enjoy the feeling.

2)    People who have a problem with smelly feet can try this remedy which includes ½ cup of rice, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and water. To prepare the mixture to boil the rice in sufficient water to have around 2-3 cups of rice water. Rice water is good for circulation of the blood which suits body’s extremities. Add baking soda in it and let the mixture cool down to suit your body temperature. Dip your feet and sit back until the water gets warm.

Try these remedies for your feet and energize your feet as they play an important role in our lives.


New year 2017 is heading on and we all are waiting for the splendid year to arrive. We all greet each other with gifts and cards. This new year greet your loved ones with easy handmade cards and fill their year with love and happiness.

There are different kinds of cards. Following are the ideas for easy and quick handmade cards.




For this type of card you need to have a thick sheet of paper of any colour you like. Take apack of markers and draw the design which is shown in the picture. Your card is ready, you can write your greetings if you like.




For this type of card, you need to have two sheets of paper. One sheet should be glossy or it should have a different texture. The sheet which will be placed in the front should be a lighter and smooth colour. You can draw anything you like on the front page and write your greetings on the top of the card as it is shown in the image.




For this type of card, you need to have a thick sheet of paper, glitter glue and a silver marker. Cut the sheet of the paper in any shape you like and colour the entire shape with glitter glue. When done with this stick the shape on the piece of the card and decorate the card as you like it.

The New Year brings happiness and joyous moments for the family, therefore, everyone should celebrate it with exchanging greeting cards and gifts to make the event memorable.

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